I am a postdoc at Uppsala University. Previously, I was a postdoc at the University of Verona. In 2020 I was an INdAM fellow at the University of Padova. I am interested in homological algebra and representation theory. I completed my PhD at City, University of London in 2017, supervised by Markus Linckelmann. I spent the following years as a postdoc in London, Oberwolfach, Stuttgart and Murcia.

Email: lleonard[dot]rubio[at]math[dot]uu[dot]se



  • Briggs, B., Rubio y Degrassi, L. On the Lie algebra structure of integrable derivations, (2022) arXiv link, submitted.
  • Liu, Y., Rubio y Degrassi, L., Wen, C. The Hochschild cohomology groups under gluing idempotents, (2022) arXiv link, submitted.


Benjamin Briggs, Giovanna Carnovale, Francesco Esposito, Markus Linckelmann, Yuming Liu, Sibylle Schroll, Andrea Solotar, Can Wen.